#NJRW13 Final Conference Round Up

The Femmes are home, in our pajamas and reflecting on what a terrific experience we’ve had once again at the NJRW conference.

Here are the last round of tweets from the conference!

  1. Shiloh Walker@shilohwalker 2h

    Attended Madeline Hunter’s workshop on creating a conflict driven synopsis while at #njrw13


  2. Margaret Mallory@MargaretMallory 2h

    Here I am signing in NJ yesterday. TY @NJRomanceWriter 4 inviting me – had great time at #NJRW13 ! pic.twitter.com/dRGvcBX5Le


  3. Margaret Mallory@MargaretMallory 4h

    @shoreauthor Thx, I had a wonderful time at the #NJRW13! Such a treat for me. 🙂 @NJRomanceWriter


  4. Laurie Benson@LaurieBwrites 5h

    @radefranco I have your swag!!! I loved reading it. Great idea. Oh, and thanks for the chocolate. 🙂 #njrw13


  5. Kiersten Hallie Krum@kierstenkrum 19 Oct

    Dont listen to the naysayers. Hearing “Romantic Suspense” all over #NJRW13 this weekend. Resurge!


  6. RoseAnn DeFranco@radefranco 6h

    Informative and lively #yalitchat with @CapChapReads at #NJRW13 Excited to dive into a new YA Contemporary


  7. RoseAnn DeFranco@radefranco 6h

    Came home with bags of books from #NJRW13 what do I plan to read 1st? A Wedding in Apple Grove I got in the goody room. Thanks @CHAdmirand


  8. Kiersten Hallie Krum@kierstenkrum 23h

    .@meganf shakes her groove thing at #NJRW13. Work it, baby.

  9. Laurie Benson@LaurieBwrites 19 Oct

    My awesome CP @JWilck getting ready to sign books earlier this evening at #NJRW13. pic.twitter.com/doNqn1mHxw


  10. Joanna Shupe@JoannaShupe 19 Oct

    The #NJRW13 Book Fair! Lots of fun authors signing their books.

  11. Kiersten Hallie Krum@kierstenkrum 19 Oct

    Sitting in hotel lobby drinking bottle of Strongbow cider w/second one at the ready in my bag. My version of the Heir and the Spare #NJRW13


  12. Joanna Shupe@JoannaShupe 19 Oct

    It’s the editor panel! #NJRW13 pic.twitter.com/jkWjUhkkTo


  13. Beth-Ann Kerber@BKwrites 19 Oct

    Madeline Hunter: “Conflict is the spine of the story, and story is everything.” See her wkshp if you ever have the chance. #NJRW13


  14. MIRA Editors@MIRAEditors 19 Oct

    Look what I found in the @NJRomanceWriter‘s swag bag! @susanwiggs @SusanMallery #NJRW13 pic.twitter.com/3Xyw33GpyZ


  15. Margaret Mallory@MargaretMallory 18 Oct

    If u luv romance books & R in NJ area, don’t miss Sat. book fair w/ MANY authors signing–inclg ME. 🙂 http://njromancewriters.org/index.php?/conference/conference_bookfair/ … #NJRW13


  16. PJ Schnyder@pjschnyder 18 Oct

    Photo: I don’t know what to say! Thank you and Wow! #NJRW13 Golden Leaf Award @NJRomanceWriter

  17. Lizzie Walker@LizWalkbttrfly 18 Oct

    Congrats to my former NJ sisters! NJRomanceWriter: PYHIAB finalists. #NJRW13 pic.twitter.com/hZGhPGKNHk

  18. NJ Romance Writers@NJRomanceWriter 18 Oct

    PYHIAB finalists. #NJRW13 pic.twitter.com/uc9eP0QCDr


  19. Kerri Buckley@BuckleyKerri 18 Oct

    @pjschnyder accepting her Golden Leaf! Brilliant novella, beautiful speech. Whoohoo! #NJRW13 @CarinaPress pic.twitter.com/RZAdhqpbcj


  20. Beth-Ann Kerber@BKwrites 18 Oct

    Having a blast at the NJRW Conf! Getting ready to cheer on friends at awards ceremony tonight. Good luck, all! #NJRW13 @NJRomanceWriter

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  1. Brings home the excitement all over again! : ) Such a fantastic weekend. Great workshops, inspiring speeches, loads of knowledge shared, successful pitches, and always fun–the socializing!

  2. There’s nothing like the NJRW conference; it’s big enough to provide loads of information, opportunity and networking, and small enough not to be overwhelming. This conference is one of my favorite events of the year!


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