NYC Romance Festival: Sat., June 25

Free Romance Event Alert!

Joanna Shupe here. I’m very excited to be one of the speakers at this upcoming Saturday’s 2016 NYC Romance Festival, along with author Rochelle Alers.

What will I be talking about? It’ll have a little something to do with this:


WHEN: Saturday, June 25, 2016

WHERE: Morris-Jumel Mansion, 65 Jumel Terrace (between West 160th & 162nd Street), NYC

TIME: 2:00 – 5:00 pm

Cost: FREE!

Here’s what you’ll get: speakers, panels, and book signings by some of your favorite romance authors. Plus, a peek at one gorgeous NYC landmark.

The Morris-Jumel Mansion, Manhattan’s oldest house, is an amazing place. It’s full of history (Aaron Burr, anyone?) and beautiful architecture. Want to see it? Tours are only $5.


If you’re in the NYC area, I hope you’ll join me and some other lovely romance authors at the 2016 Romance Festival, which is sponsored by the NYC Chapter of RWA.

Joanna Shupe: Gilded Age For Dummies

Magnate comp

Relax! I don’t think you’re a dummy. I mean, I almost locked my keys in my car yesterday while the engine was running. So who’s really the dummy here?

Now, onto the Gilded Age.

This is a tiny pocket in history roughly between the Civil War and World War I. Most people remember the Gilded Age from history classes through long boring lectures about Boss Tweed, Tammany Hall, and scandals I can’t pronounce.

But stick with me. I promise you, I have the attention span of a squirrel and the Gilded Age is FASCINATING.

First, let’s talk innovation. Telephones, telegraph, skyscrapers, elevators, electricity? GILDED AGE. Not all were American inventions (most were), but they were perfected here. Why? In the Gilded Age, the U.S. economy DOUBLED IN SIZE. Business was booming. Europe didn’t have nearly the amount of money we did, so most of the technological innovations took off in America.

Oh, and did I mention AUTOMOBILES? Yeah, those were Gilded Age, too (though late in the time period, and they weren’t accessible to anyone but the rich. Don’t worry, the Gilded Age had a lot of rich people.)


So that leads me to the wealth. Did you see the part about the U.S. economy doubling in size? America became the leading world economic force during the Gilded Age. Steel. Railroads. Oil. Textiles. Coal. All run by financial powerhouses, with household names like Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Morgan, Astor.

There were no laws governing fair trade or anti-trust in those days, so it was every man for himself–literally. And with the amount of money at stake, it’s no wonder there were frequent corruption scandals.


Lastly, the ladies. You had the socialites, throwing parties for their monkeys and elaborate costume balls where they dressed in electric gowns, but you also had new independent young women coming into the cities from the farms. They held office jobs and worked in department stores. These women weren’t forced to marry straight out of the family home and start pumping out kids. Instead, they earned their own income, rented their own rooms, and dated young men.


Believe it or not, the bicycle craze helped, too. A bicycle allowed women more freedom in getting around. It was cheaper, and certainly more independent. Clothing was altered to assist in cycling: “Cycling required a more practical, rational form of dress, and large billowing skirts and corsets started to give way to bloomers — baggy trousers, sometimes called a divided skirt, cinched at the knee. Although bloomers first appeared decades earlier, and a major social battle was waged over their propriety, the cycling craze practically mandated changes in women’s attire for any woman who wanted to ride.”

Women mobilized in the Gilded Age. They began to speak out on issues like voting rights for women, temperance, equality, poverty, and education.


So that’s a few reasons why the Gilded Age is totes awesome-sauce, as my daughters might say. And hey, I have a brand-new Gilded Age romance out today. If historical romance is your jam, I hope you’ll give MAGNATE a try!

Magnate compIt’s 1888 in New York City, where wealth and power are king, and one man is determined to rule — no matter the cost.

Born in the slums of Five Points, Emmett Cavanaugh climbed his way to the top of a booming steel empire and now holds court in an opulent Fifth Avenue mansion. His rise in stations, however, has done little to elevate his taste in women. He loathes the city’s “high society” types, but a rebellious and beautiful blue-blood just might change all that.

Elizabeth Sloane’s mind is filled with more than the latest parlor room gossip. Lizzie can play the Stock Exchange as deftly as New York’s most accomplished brokers—but she needs a man to put her skills to use. Emmett reluctantly agrees when the stunning socialite asks him to back her trades and split the profits. But love and business make strange bedfellows, and as their fragile partnership begins to crack, they’ll discover a passion more frenzied than the trading room floor…

Pick up a copy of MAGNATE here:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo



Quint needs your vote!

My publisher, Kensington Publishing, has its annual HERO v. HERO Tumblr contest up and running this week. Lord Quint, Damian Beecham, from THE LADY HELLION is up for BEST HERO in the competition today. He needs your vote!

VOTE HERE: (Also, you can vote more than once. Just sayin’.)

As a reminder, Quint is:

  • a genius
  • sexy
  • able to woo in 7 or 8 different languages
  • a great fencer
  • a (recent) lover of dogs

Need I say more? Sophie, Quint, and I all thank you for your vote!

New Release! TYCOON: A Gilded Age Novella


I am so excited to announce the release of TYCOON, a novella in my “Knickerbocker Club” series. The heroine, Clara, is a perfume counter girl and she crashes into the life of Ted, a financial tycoon. Clara is spunky and fun, a mix of innocence and brash independence that I think would’ve been common of girls at that time. And our hard-working hero has no idea what to do with her. 🙂

Here’s the blurb:

Sometimes the journey is more pleasurable than the destination . . .

Standing on the platform at Grand Central Station, Ted Harper is surprised by a fiery kiss from an undeniably gorgeous damsel in distress. He’s certain she’s a swindler who’s only after his money, but he’s never met a woman so passionate and sure of herself. Disarmed, he invites her to spend the journey to St. Louis in his private car—perhaps against his better judgment…

Clara Dawson has long known how to take care of herself, but the savvy shop girl is at a loss when she witnesses—and becomes entangled in—a terrible crime. Desperation propels her into a stranger’s arms at the train station, but she hadn’t expected Ted to offer her the protection she so badly needs—nor did she expect their chemistry to develop more steam than the engine of the train. He’s everything she never thought she could have, and she’s everything he didn’t know he wanted. But as her secrets begin to unfurl, their fledgling romance could be in danger of derailing before they arrive at the next station…

Want to read an excerpt? Or pop over to my Facebook page for all my writing-related details, giveaways, and general awesomesauce.

TYCOON is .99 at all e-retailers:

Kindle | Nook | iBooks | Kobo



An Original ‘Hellion’ Christmas Short + Giveaway

Want to read the scene where Quint and Sophie first kiss, years before the beginning of The Lady Hellion?

I’m thrilled to take part in the RFTC 2015 Historical Xmas Eve event! Plus–there are 2 copies of Hellion up for grabs, as well as a giant historical romance prize pack.

Read the short scene here: Xmas

Cover Reveal: Joanna Shupe’s TYCOON

I have a new cover to share! It’s for TYCOON, an e-novella that is the first book in my upcoming Knickerbocker Club series.


Yes, I believe that’s Grand Central at the bottom. He looks very serious, which is perfect since he’s about to be bowled over by a shop girl heroine who can’t stop talking.

This book was a lot of fun to write. In this period, young women began to come into cities to work as secretaries and shop girls, jobs that allowed them a healthy measure of independence. The heroine of TYCOON, Clara, is one of those young women. She works at the perfume counter at a fictional department store.

Here’s the blurb:

Sometimes the journey is more pleasurable than the destination . . .

Standing on the platform at Grand Central Station, Ted Harper is surprised by a fiery kiss from an undeniably gorgeous damsel in distress. He’s certain she’s a swindler who’s only after his money, but he’s never met a woman so passionate and sure of herself. Disarmed, he invites her to spend the journey to St. Louis in his private car—perhaps against his better judgment.

Clara Dawson has long known how to take care of herself, but the savvy shop girl is at a loss when she witnesses—and becomes entangled in—a terrible crime. Desperation propels her into a stranger’s arms at the train station, but she hadn’t expected Ted to offer her the protection she so badly needs—nor did she expect their chemistry to develop more steam than the engine of the train. He’s everything she never thought she could have, and she’s everything he didn’t know he wanted. But as her secrets begin to unfurl, their fledgling romance could be in danger of derailing before they arrive at the next station…

TYCOON releases February 23, 2016 in e-book from Kensington Publishing. Pre-order it for .99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, or Kobo.

More info and an excerpt are available on my website.


It’s a dual Femme release! Tina and Joanna are excited to share release dates. Here are the blurbs of our books:

AT THE SPY’S PLEASURE by Tina Gabrielle

Book II in The Crown’s Secret Service Series

At the Spy's Pleasure - Cover

London, 1821

After years of marriage to a selfish man who preferred gambling to his young bride, Jane, the widowed countess of Stanwell, now seeks what she was long denied—a satisfying lover. Naturally, a lady needs a list of eligible candidates, which doesn’t include the dangerously handsome (if far too arrogant) Gareth Ramsey…until he steals a sinful kiss from Jane’s all-too-willing lips.

Reputed as an arrogant barrister, Gareth’s real occupation is as a spy in the service of His Majesty, and the suspect of his mission is on Jane’s list of possible lovers. With her life in danger, there’s no safer place for Jane than with   him—and in his bed. But Jane is as distracting as she is infuriating, and keeping her by his side while he pursues his mission might just endanger them both…

Want to read an excerpt? CLICK HERE

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THE LADY HELLION by Joanna Shupe

Book #3 in the Wicked Deceptions series


Lady Sophia Barnes doesn’t take no for an answer. Especially when she’s roaming London’s seedy underground…dressed as a man.

A rabble rouser for justice, Sophie’s latest mission is to fight for the rights of the poor, the wretched—and the employees at Madame Hartley’s brothel. She’s not concerned about the criminals who will cross her path, for Sophie has mastered the art of deception—including the art of wearing trousers. Now her fate is in her own hands, along with a loaded gun. All she needs is instruction on how to shoot it. But only one person can help her: Lord Quint, the man who broke her heart years ago. The man she won’t let destroy her again…

The last thing Damien Beecham, Viscount Quint, needs is an intrusion on his privacy, especially from the beautiful, exasperating woman he’s never stopped wanting. A woman with a perilously absurd request, no less! For Damien is fighting a battle of his own, one he wishes to keep hidden—along with his feelings for Lady Sophia. Yet that fight is as hopeless as stopping her outlandish plan. Soon all Quint knows for certain is that he will die trying to protect her…

Want to read an excerpt? CLICK HERE.

“Shupe invites readers to sit back and enjoy the terrific chemistry between the unconventional Lord Quint and the exasperating Lady Sophie in the conclusion to the Wicked Deceptions trilogy. With emotional intensity, poignancy, passion and murder, they won’t be disappointed.”
— RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars

Purchase on Amazon

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Today is the release of my second historical romance, THE HARLOT COUNTESS. This is the second book in the Wicked Deceptions series.
Here’s the blurb:

Maggie, Lady Hawkins, had a debut she’d rather forget—along with her first marriage. Today, the political cartoonist is a new woman. A thoroughly modern woman. So much so that her clamoring public believes she’s a man…

FACT: Drawing under a male pseudonym, Maggie is known as Lemarc. Her (his!) favorite object of ridicule: Simon Barrett, Earl of Winchester. He’s a rising star in Parliament—and a former confidant and love interest of Maggie’s who believed a rumor that vexes her to this day.

FICTION: Maggie is the Half-Irish Harlot who seduced her best friend’s husband on the eve of their wedding. She is to be feared and loathed as she will lift her skirts for anything in breeches.

Still crushed by Simon’s betrayal, Maggie has no intention of letting the ton crush her as well. In fact, Lemarc’s cartoons have made Simon a laughingstock…but now it appears that Maggie may have been wrong about what happened years ago, and that Simon has been secretly yearning for her since…forever. Could it be that the heart is mightier than the pen and the sword after all?

Want to read an excerpt? CLICK HERE.

“Steady pacing, delightful characters and an ability to build steamy sexual tension make for a lively love story.”
— RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars

Purchase on Amazon

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I am so excited today to announce the release of my debut historical romance, THE COURTESAN DUCHESS!

The Courtesan Duchess

Here’s the blurb:

How to seduce an estranged husband—and banish debt!—in four wickedly improper, shockingly pleasurable steps…

  1. Learn the most intimate secrets of London’s leading courtesan.
  2. Pretend to be a courtesan yourself, using the name Juliet Leighton.
  3. Travel to Venice and locate said husband.
  4. Seduce husband, conceive an heir, and voilà, your future is secure!

For Julia, the Duchess of Colton, such a ruse promises to be foolproof. After all, her husband has not bothered to lay eyes on her in eight years, since their hasty wedding day when she was only sixteen. But what begins as a tempestuous flirtation escalates into full-blown passion—and the feeling is mutual. Could the man the Courtesan Duchess married actually turn out to be the love of her life?

Want to read an excerpt? CLICK HERE.

Some early praise for COURTESAN:

“The powerful passion in this riveting tale of betrayal and forgiveness will knock your socks off!”
— NY Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries

“This original and alluring novel is a very promising beginning to Shupe’s career.”
— Publisher’s Weekly

“One of the best debuts I’ve read in years. Joanna Shupe’s The Courtesan Duchess is fast-paced, compelling, and super sexy. You won’t be able to put it down.”
— Award-winning author Valerie Bowman

“Joanna Shupe is a wonderful new voice to historical romance. The Courtesan Duchess takes readers on a steamy ride from Venice to London, proving that some happily ever afters are worth waiting for.”
— NY Times bestselling author Jennifer McQuiston

“Joanna Shupe’s compelling story of an estranged couple brims with emotion and sensuality.”
— Bestselling author Miranda Neville

“From its first naughty page, be prepared to be swept away by Joanna Shupe’s The Courtesan Duchess.”
— Historical author Maggie Robinson

Purchase on Amazon

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Violet Femmes: Our Favorite Books of 2014

One of the best ways to discover a great book is to hear it recommended by a friend or acquaintance. The Violet Femmes read quite a bit between us, so I thought it would be fun to take a look back at our two favorite non-Femme books of 2014. (Shameless Plug: If you want to check out the Femmes releases, visit this page.)

Note: not all of these are 2014 releases. The requirement was just that it was a book we read this year.

Maria K. Alexander

Unleashed by Rachel Lacey (Contemporary Romance)
919ZQu3kEtL._SL1500_This is the first book by debut author, Rachel Lacey. I met Rachel at RWA Nationals in San Antonio and found her to be sweet and perhaps a little overwhelmed by the craziness of a publishing house book giveaway. Cara Medlen fosters rescue dogs and gets into trouble with neighbors and potentially the law when she tries to save one too many. Matt Dumont is Cara’s mysterious and sexy PI neighbor who will be leaving town to return to his hometown once he wraps up one final case. Although the timing is off, he gets caught up in helping Cara in her rescue attempts and ends up getting more attached than intended. It’s a light and fun story. There are several funny moments with the animals plus a sexy hero with a good amount of chemistry.

One in a Million by Jill Shalvis (Contemporary Romance)
811e1s176uL._SL1500_I couldn’t end the year without geeking out a little about Ms. Shalvis. I love her books and this series. This is book #12 in the Lucky Harbor series, which, sadly may be the last. Callie Sharpe is a virtual wedding planner who has set up shop in Lucky Harbor to keep tabs on her grandmother. She moves into an old warehouse that’s near the dock where her high school crush works. Tanner Riggs is co-owner of Lucky Harbor charters with a lot of baggage. He’s trying to build a relationship with his teenage son and is drawn to the sexy-but-slightly hot mess of a woman he used to go to high school with.

RoseAnn DeFranco

Tempt Me, Cowboy by Megan Crane (Contemporary Romance)
817qgQ2465L._SL1500_This is a novella from Copper Mountain Rodeo, Book 1. I’m not normally one to read cowboys or novellas. This was sent to me as a judge in the RITA’s and I loved it. Expertly written with emotion, depth and humor. Jasper and Chelsea (I LOVED his nickname for her) were so well drawn and REAL. I loved everything about their romance from their first meeting to their final moments and everything in-between. The chemistry between them was FAN-MYSELF-HOT without needing to be graphic. I don’t normally read stories this length and was surprised to find such a complete and compelling story in a novella. This story stayed will me long after I completed it, prompting me to look for more books by Megan Crane. I’m forward to reading all the installments in the anthology.

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott (Young Adult)
71XodsusQtL._SL1000_This book was published back in 2010. I stumbled upon it at my favorite secondhand bookstore, Booktrader. Years ago I read another book by Scott call Bloom. That book, and her writing style, stayed with me so I decided to give Perfect You a try. I’m so glad I did. I found the cast of characters and set up unique. While there is a romance, there is so much more to this book than boy meets girl. Kate’s life is crumbling around her. Her family is falling apart financially and emotionally due to the inability to communicate and selfishness. I found the relationship dynamics unique. I also enjoyed watching Kate learn to communicate/extend a hand in order to move beyond/learn from her circumstances and discover not to always believe everything you hear.

Tina Gabrielle

When the Duke was Wicked by Lorraine Heath (Historical Romance)
91mFOlATfXL._SL1500_I loved this book. Lady Grace looks like she has it all. She’s beautiful, her father is a duke, and she has the largest dowry of the Season. But she’s hiding an “imperfection,” and she wants to make certain any suitor truly loves her and not her dowry. In comes the handsome Duke of Lovington, a notorious rogue, and long-time family friend of Grace’s. He agrees to help Grace find a proper husband who loves her by teaching her how to look out for scoundrels like himself. Soon the attraction between Grace and Lovington sizzles and they have to take a chance on love.

Edge of Sanity by Shannon K. Butcher (Contemporary Suspense)
51NNhz1VBkLThis was a faced paced, exciting read. Clay Marshall works for a private security firm called the Edge. But Clay has been having blackouts and when he wakes, he’s covered in blood with no memory of what happened. He goes like this for a while until he has no choice but to accept the help of Leigh Vaughn, a beautiful doctor. They soon learn that Clay is being used in a horrific experiment as an assassin. Despite everything, the attraction between them is undeniable and strong. The pace quickens as they try to stop a deadly villain and save themselves.

Michele Mannon

Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles (New Adult)
51qLFWlrmHLA heroine who plays football. A new, bad boy stepbrother who gets thrown out of boarding school for a prank and ends up moving in with her. And author Simone Elkeles perfect characterization make this my favorite New Adult/YA read of the year.


The Professional by Kresley Cole (New Adult/Erotic Contemporary)
81SNEvcmTlL._SL1500_What’s not to love about a book that features a big brute of a Russian hero named Aleksandr “The Siberian” Sevastyan, who is so damn hot, he positively jumps off the pages? The heroine is on a quest to find her birth parents and ends up in a Russian palace where her father rules as mob boss. His employee, Sevastayan, assumes the role of her protector. And protect her he does, along with seducing her over and over again. If you like spicy, this book will blow your socks off. Kresley Cole is a phenomenal writer and she holds nothing back.

Diana Quincy

Why Kings Confess (A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery Book, Book 9 by C.S. Harris (Historical Mystery)
91UzdINYwPL._SL1500_This is the ninth book in the series, which came out this year, and I devoured the first eight as well. The stories center on Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, heir to an earldom, disillusioned army officer, and a man with a very tangled personal life, who happens to investigate murders. Harris creates a compelling hero, there is more than one heroine, and the supporting cast is also excellent. The writing is splendid — intelligent and thoughtful. C.S. Harris is now on my auto-buy list.

Murder in Grosvenor Square (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, Book 9) by Ashley Gardner (aka Jennifer Ashley) (Historical Mystery)
91MXHIG07ML._SL1500_I’ve read and enjoyed Jennifer Ashley’s historical romances but I am obsessed with her Captain Lacey series. Book 9 came out this year but I also read all of the other books in the series in 2014. Like Devlin, Captain Gabriel Lacey is also a former army officer, but unlike the viscount, he has no fortune to fall back on. He lives a sparse lifestyle as he mingles with compelling characters from all walks of life — from Seven Dials all the way up to the top of the ton. As Ashley Gardner, the author’s writing is even richer and more evocative, with compelling historical details that make this series a pleasure to read. Here again is an excellent supporting cast that we enjoy visiting with in each book.

Jaye Marie Rome

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain (Fiction)
51eYKU4NgsLThis book is a fictionalized account of Hadley Richardson’s marriage to Ernest Hemingway, and their years in Paris. Hadley, in her late twenties, is doomed to be an old maid until she meets and is swept away by Ernest. Flamboyant, fun, handsome and game for anything, Ernest convinces Hadley that Paris is the place to be in order for his writing to really take off. Paris in the 1920’s is where all the great writers, including Ezra Pound, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Gertrude Stein, have all found inspiration and success.

But success doesn’t just fall at your feet. As volatile Ernest battles to find a foothold with his writing and his voice, Hadley also struggles to figure out just where she fits in. Independent, but still trying to uphold society’s expectations of a “good wife”, she fights desperately to hold onto her marriage and the incomparable man she loves.

Marrying Daisy Bellamy by Susan Wiggs (Contemporary Romance)
512hWUb8D7LWedding photographer Daisy Bellamy had loved juvenile delinquent Julian Gastineaux since high school, when they had met one summer at her family’s camp on Willow Lake in Upstate New York. After he returned home to California, they kept in touch through letters and phone calls. But life goes on, and Julian went to college on an ROTC scholarship, while Daisy had a child with a boy with whom she’d shared a drunken one-night-stand.

Now a single mom, Daisy is raising her son, Charlie while trying to build her wedding photography business. Charlie’s dad, Logan, stable and upstanding, wants them to be a family, but Daisy knows her heart is with Julian. Against all odds, he is now an officer in the Air Force, and he wants to marry her. Their time has finally come…until Julian is deployed and he goes missing. Presumed dead, Daisy has to make the choice to move on with her life and do what is best for her, and for Charlie.
As with most things in life, what seems to be the best thing can turn out to be the most costly mistake.

JB Schroeder

Written In My Own Heart’s Blood (Outlander Series #8) by Diana Gabaldon (Historical Fiction)
918OYjCHAXL._SL1500_What can I say? The eight book in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series is just as amazing as earlier books. After all this time, I am still completely enthralled with Jamie and Claire and their relationship, and I so enjoyed following Brianna and Roger more this go round. Also really coming into his own (finally) is William. I love the realistic peek into our nation’s history (what research must have gone into each of Gabaldon’s books!), and am simply in awe of how well Gabaldon handles it all. Stellar.

My Lady, My Lord by Katharine Ashe (Historical Romance)
81smHjItcHL._SL1500_One of the most refreshing historicals I’ve read in a while, due to the super-fun twist element in this book. I absolutely adored this. It was both laugh-out-loud funny and heart-wrenching, depending. Beautifully written and entirely delightful, I tore right through it!

Joanna Shupe

Lead by Kylie Scott (Erotic Contemporary Romance)
81pip68IyiL._SL1500_This is definitely in my top 5 contemporary romances of all time. Misunderstood jerk hero…who has a dark past…who happens to be a rock star? Oh yes, please. This is told in the heroine’s first-person POV, and I loved her voice. She’s sassy and strong, which is why she’s perfect as his sobriety companion, a person hired to live with him and keep him on the straight and narrow. We saw Jimmy unravel in books 1 & 2 of this series, so it was nice to see him get his act (somewhat) together in book 3. This was my 2014 crack and comfort read rolled into one.

The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles (Male/Male Historical Paranormal Romance)
81y9zsqL95L._SL1500_First let me say that paranormal is not my thing, so I was initially hesitant about this series. But the writing is so strong and the characters so sharply developed that I was hooked. I loved this story about an exiled earl returning from the Orient and a Magician who fights evil in the Victorian underworld. Both are likable yet flawed in their own ways. The romance sizzles and I laughed out loud at several points. It was unexpected and fresh and everything I love in a story.


Now tell us, what were YOUR favorite stories of 2014??

One lucky commenter will win an official VIOLET FEMMES MUG! We’ll announce the winner next week.

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