Come on! Get Your Will Ferrell On

Deconstructing Sentences: The Will Ferrell Effect


Imagine sitting in an auditorium and listening to a lecture on macroeconomics. The professor is going on and on about consumerism. How Americans buy more than they produce. On, and on, and on. The monotony of the professor’s voice sounds like a Maharishi’s mantra, lulling you toward a deep, blissful sleep. On, and on, and on. To the point where your numbed mind begins to wonder if investing money in this class–along with your 400 other fellow American, college student, consumer, investors . . . yep, the same ones nodding off next to you—was a bad idea.

Now, take this same scenario and pretend the professor is . . . Tom Hardy. (Sorry, I’m still in my dream state at the macroeconomics class.) Okay, I’m keeping Tommy for myself. How about . . . Will Ferrell?

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