My Favorite Romantic Moment

This month on the Femmes, we’re talking romantic moments. This was actually tough for me because I’m generally not a fan of the grand, sweeping gestures that can be associated with a genuine “romantic moment.” To qualify as romantic in my mind, it doesn’t need to be someone hopping on a plane after watching Cuba Gooding, Jr. score the winning touchdown so he can interrupt Girl’s Night Out (hello, TIMING!?) to declare, “You. Complete. Me.”

Blerg, as Liz Lemon would say.

I am not a cynic, however. I have plenty of favorite romantic moments, but they’re on a smaller scale. I’ll take Jake Gyllenhaal’s “I wish I knew how to quit you,” over Jerry Maguire any day.

Favorite Romantic Moment

valentines day couple

For many of us, we eat, drink, and sleep romance. We’re writers. It’s what we do. Especially if you’re a member of NJ Romance Writers and are participating in our 30,000-word February writing challenge, JeRoWriMo (Jersey Romance Writing Month)! Even while I’m working my day job, driving, or even—forgive me—hanging out with my family, a part of me often is thinking about my characters. It’s not enough to write that happily-ever-after for our hero and heroine. We have to write it in a way that evokes the emotion of the reader; to make our characters so real that our readers fall in love with them as much as we do.

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