Tech Tips for Writers: Make Your Own Quote Cards

One of the things I’m having fun doing while procrastinating taking breaks from writing is creating quote cards to promote my upcoming books.

c50447debbe6265a997d7a364fb01ef7I’m sure you’ve all seen what quote cards are on either Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. They are those cool photos with fancy fonts and pithy sayings from famous people. These can be a fun way to create an easy, sharable piece of your book online.

Why Visual?

  • People are 44% more likely to engage with visual content.
  • Facebook says posts with photos get 120% more engagement.
  • They’re short and not a huge time investment to read.

The quote cards can be dramatic or simple. What matters is that they are eye-catching–and great content helps, too! Pick 1-2 witty or sexy sentences and a legible font. Remember, brevity is best.

I opened Photoshop and just started playing around to make a few quote cards for my April release, The Courtesan Duchess.


But good news! You don’t need Photoshop to do this…

Sites to Make Quote Cards

Here are some free sites I’ve found to make quote cards. Each are easy to navigate with a WYSIWYG editor:

Some of these sites are geared for Pinterest, making it really easy to pin your quote. Most allow you to download or save them locally, in case you want to share elsewhere.

You can even make your own Some e-Cards, which are those hilarious cards with funny drawings you see circulating on the net.


I really love the quote cards Elizabeth Hoyt is circulating right now for her upcoming release, Darling Beast. No doubt these were done by a graphic designer, however, not one of the create-your-own sites listed above. Regardless, aren’t they pretty?


See what she’s done? Website. Book title. Book cover. Release date. Short quote. Engaging, simple background image. Easy to read font. It’s VERY well done.

Have you made quote cards? If so, feel free to share them and/or tips!

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