The Language of the Fan

While walking in a hot, summer daze this past week in Virginia, I stumbled upon something that reminded me of historical-set books.


In an outdoor market smack in the middle of Colonial Williamsburg, I noticed someone holding the above fan and immediately pulled my daughter through the crowd in search of my very own. The cutouts of the wooden blades provide a delicate look that reminds me of walking through the streets wearing…well…colonial dress. Needless to say, I was much appreciative of my shorts and tank top verses the long gown and petticoat of the women who worked there and dressed in traditional colonial fashion.

Today, we don’t have the same level of appreciation for the hand-held fan as our ancestors did. I remember making paper fans as a kid and buying them for souvenirs on field trips. For me, fans come in the form like the one that’s plugged in under the desk in my office or in the center of the ceiling in most of the rooms of my house. But this little wooden hand fan came in handy throughout the humid day in Williamsburg! Of course, nothing beat the battery-operated fan that also sprayed water that was available for purchase at Busch Gardens.

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