RWA 2013: Atlanta Day 4

We had workshops and signings today, broken up by the best speech EVER GIVEN. Kristan Higgins made everyone laugh, cry and cheer with her touching and hilarious words.

Note Joe on the screen.

Note Joe on the screen.

“Don’t strive to be the next Nora or Sylvia. Be the first YOU.”
“There is only one rule that matters: Grab the reader by the heart.”

And to her husband, who was there: “Thanks for all the great sex, honey.”

In the afternoon, RWA hosts a champagne reception for the Golden Heart and RITA finalists. We were all acknowledged and received a certificate.

Each year, the group of GH finalists come up with a name. 2009 was the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood; 2010 was the Unsinkables. 2011, the Starcatchers. You get the idea. Here is the 2013 GH class, the Lucky 13s:

The Lucky 13s

The Lucky 13s plus Jade Lee

There are so many talented, funny, crazy women in this business. Jade Lee (a RITA nominated multi-pubbed author) jumped in the GH photo and had us all rolling with laughter before the ceremony.

We met an author in the taxi line at the Atlanta airport. She writes women’s fiction under her real name, Lutisha, and romance for Harlequin under a pseudonym, Zuri Day. Turns out, she left her wallet in the taxi we took from the airport. The cab driver remembered us because, in his words, we were so much fun. He found Lutisha’s wallet and brought it to the hotel and gave it to someone wearing a name badge. Just a random person wearing an RWA name badge. That woman brought the wallet to the desk and told them to find this woman fast and make sure she got her wallet. Long story short, many hands worked together to get Lutisha’s wallet back to her. Is that awesome, or what?

BTW, Lutisha adopts a COMPLETELY different persona for Zuri. Completely. As in a different look AND a different accent. Zuri is from Jamaica, apparently. She is a TRIP. I can’t wait to read her books.

Bing, bing, bing! The fabulous Zuri Day.

Bing, bing, bing! The fabulous Zuri Day.

As a Carina Press author, Michele went to the legendary (literally) Harlequin Party tonight. Here she is with some fellow Harlequin and Carina authors, getting ready to go dance their butts off:

Michele, Unknown, Adrienne, Ruth

Michele, Unknown author, Adrienne, Ruth

She came home late and feeling NO pain.

More tomorrow on the LAST day. Aaack!

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  1. So wish I could have heard Kristin Higgins’ speech! Sounds awesome! So many cool events, and so proud of you ladies!

  2. Me too, on the KH speech. She is a riot! So nice to see a pic of our fave NJRW peeps, Michele, Adrienne (yo!), and Ruth. Oooh, gearing up for the big night! Fingers crossed!


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