RWA 2013: Atlanta Day 2

Today were most of the special chapter events here at RWA. I spent the day at The Golden Network retreat. This is the chapter for all the Golden Heart finalists.

First speaker: the always-hilarious Susan Elizabeth Phillips.



“Some of the people who are critiquing your work are idiots.”
“You write with fear on your shoulder ALL the time.”
“Every successful writer–at least the ones who aren’t sociopaths–go through the fear process.”

Second speaker: the savvy and smart Courtney Milan.

Historical author and self-publishing guru

Historical author and self-publishing guru

“The best promo for your book is the book itself. Give away free copies of your book every chance you get.”
“The page after the end of your book is the most important. It’s the call to action, where you thank your readers and ask them to sign up for your newsletter.”

Last speaker: Nora Roberts

It's Nora, y'all!

It’s Nora, y’all!

“You say you’ve written something great. Okay, but what are you writing next?”
“One book is not a career.”
“The writing is the first goal. Budget your time, energies and money to write and keep writing.”

While I was at the retreat, Diana and Michele went to visit the Margaret Mitchell House. Oh, and they popped into a juice bar.



After the retreat was the literacy signing. Hundreds of romance authors signing their books, with profits going to raise money for literacy. We had fun walking around and talking to the NJRW members and other friends who were signing their books.

It's a mob scene!

It’s a mob scene!

While I went to my agency dinner, Michele and Dora went to the Smart Bitches Mustache party. They ran into Nancy Herkness there:

Lookin' good, ladies.

Lookin’ good, ladies.

Oh, I forgot to show this yesterday. My photo is in the conference guide. Yay!!



More tomorrow!

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  1. All this sounds so awesome Joanna! Enjoy the conference and keep posting the news and photos!

  2. Love the pictures! Nice picture in the guide. I think the 3 amigas above have new headshots for their books! And what is that green drink?

  3. What a lineup for the GN Retreat! Great advice, and sooooo rockin’ that you are part of that , Joanna! As we’ve been saying: you are a winner already!


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