Thirteen Writing Resources for 2013

The year 2013 is well under way. I’ve decided to repeat one of my most popular posts, pay it forward once again, and share with you a dozen plus one lessons and resources from my arsenal of tools. Hopefully, you’ll find something useful for your own writing.

Thirteen may just prove to be the luckiest year yet—if you’re a believer, like me. I’m certainly wishing you a wonderful, belated 2013.


Thirteen Writing Resources for 2013

Critique partners unite 

Ever feel like you are so caught up in revising your story that you can’t hear your characters anymore?

There are so many advantages to collaborating with critique partners who understand your voice and let you fly, but give you honest feedback when you’ve gotten into writer-gone-wild mode. Yes, it’s helpful when someone points out poor word choice or incomplete sentences but set your expectations higher when working with someone else’s manuscript and visa versa. The real challenge is in making your story sing, both beautifully and loud enough to draw attention to it. And, when your characters world gets murky and their voices sound flat, the value of good critique partners is immeasurable.

Join a writers group, such as Romance Writers of America

If you are in the NJ metropolitan area, check out New Jersey Romance Writers

Or try Charlotte Dillon’s Author Site  On occasion, her site will match writers with critique partners.

Learning the industry

You’ve written a manuscript, or two. Now it’s time to sell it and you need to start thinking in an entirely different mindset. There are many helpful online resources to learn about the publishing industry.

Here are a few websites I recommend:

Publishers Weekly

Publishers Lunch

Writers Write

How Publishing Really Works

Bent On Books

Editorial Anonymous

Pub Rants

Novelist Inc.

Query Shark

Rachelle Gardner

Slush Pile Tales

Book Blogs

Read, read, read: Sites promoting/reviewing books:

All About Romance

Dear Author

Romantic Times

Smart Bitches Trashy Books

Smexy Books

Fresh Fiction

Writer Blogs

I love following authors in a variety of genres, both for entertainment and to see how they are marketing their stories. Blogs are a helpful way to learn about how authors are figuring out how to establish an online presence.

Here are a few blogs I subscribe to that I find interesting and entertaining:

The Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills

The Goddess Blogs

JoBourne Blogspot

Riding with the Top Down

Romance University

Warm Day, Cool Nights, and Hot Guys

Romance at Random

The Dashing Duchesses

The Bookshelf Muse

The Grand Central Cafe

How writers weave their magic

Hilary Smith and The Hunger Games

Writing Skills

Ten Intriguing Rhetorical Devices – my favorite!

Five Keys to Powerful, Precise Writing

The Emotional and other Thesaurus

Writing Secrets of Prolific Writers


This one is really worth reading if you are revising a manuscript and trying to make every scene sing.

Anna Writes Blog

Signs the You are a Writer

Signs the You are a Writer

Be tenacious

Jenny Crusie’s “Rat on an Island” metaphor – MY FAVORITE

Agent Information 

The Passionate Pen

Social Networking

FaceBook Author Page

Twitter – I like HootSuite

Easy to Create Blog Sites –


Adding motions to express emotion:

Some wonderful authors from an assortment of genres that are on my reading list 

Coreene Callahan

Adrienne Giordano

Tracey Devlyn

Nancy Herkness

Lisa Verge Higgins

Lucky 13: A personal partnership made in heaven (i.e. New Jersey)  The Violet Femmes

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  1. Great tips, Michele! Lots of good web sites to check out here.

  2. Thanks. It’s helpful even for me to have everything outlined on one blog, with links, too! Hope other people find it useful.

  3. Thanks for the refresher on some great sites to check out! I love the Emotion Thesaurus site and book.

  4. Lots of great info here, Michele, as well as some good reminders. Thanks!


  5. Thanks, Michele! There’s lots on here I’ve never checked out–might take me all week, you were so thorough! : ) Have a feeling we’ll all come back to this list again and again!

  1. Thirteen Writing Resources for 2013 | Kg Books Publishing

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