Snippet #3 – Love’s Second Chance

I’m not sure about you, but I’m still on a high from a FANTASTIC weekend at the NJ Romance Writer’s Put Your Heart In A Book Conference. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Femmes Michele Mannon & Jenna Blue who won first place in the Put You Heart In A Book Contest.

During the conference, we met many fabulous writers and made new friends. Check out our new Photos page for some pictures of special moments from the conference. I’m always amazed to hear real life stories from authors who started at the bottom and fought their way to the top. Hearing their inspiring stories of how they overcame both personal and professional challenges puts things into perspective for me. Although I may not be at the very bottom, I’m working my way up the ladder toward success. And while there are times I may get knocked down a rung or two, I grasp on tight and climb right back up. This post goes out to all my writer friends who are frustrated with the journey. It’s tough. We know that going in but that doesn’t make it easy to handle when bad stuff happens to us. Be strong. You have a huge support system of writers rallying for each other. Sometimes you need to regroup and come up with a new game plan, but don’t give up.  Hugs, Maria

In case you didn’t read it, we’re holding a special One-Year Anniversary Contest from 10/12-11/16 and are giving away a Nook Simple Touch. Click the link below or the link from the right side-bar to enter.

Below is a snippet from my completed manuscript, Love’s Second Chance, which won first place in the CT Chapter’s Write Stuff Contest and is currently a finalist in the Indiana Golden Opportunity Contest.

After losing her family to a tragedy, Kate has spent the past four years avoiding emotional attachments. After asking a former lover for help designing a restaurant her parents plan to open, she’s faced with fighting her attraction and denying the growing feelings she has for this man. Exhausted after a long day baking cookies with a six-year old orphan, Kate is vulnerable and succumbs to Edward’s healing touch.  

          Edward glanced down at the high-heeled black leather boots she wore. They came up to just under her knee and hugged her calf like a second skin. As usual, the heel was close to four inches, and while looking at them made the blood rush to his groin, they didn’t seem practical for an afternoon of baking cookies. Unable to refrain from the temptation, he unzipped one of the boots and slipped her foot out.

            Kate’s eyes flew open. “What are you doing?”

            “Relax, luv. I once dated a masseuse and she showed me pressure points to apply to become perfectly relaxed,” he said, rubbing the instep of her foot.

            She snorted. “Yeah, I can just imagine the pressure points she showed you.”

            Edward briefly thought back to Lana, at least that’s what he thought her name was, with a fond memory. She had fantastic hands and could get herself into the most flexible positions. It made for some very creative sex.

            But now he only had thoughts of Kate as he stroked her foot. He remembered she had the sexiest toes, always polished with bright colors. He wondered if she just did that for the summer or if they’d be polished now.

            “You’ll be appreciating the special skills she taught me in a few minutes.”

            “Yeah, we’ll see.” She crossed her arms around her middle but closed her eyes again.

            Not being able to resist, he stripped off her sock and felt his pulse increase. They were just like he remembered. Candy cane red today and perfectly manicured. He reached for her other foot and started the same ritual.

            He studied her relaxed face, a slight curve to her mouth. A moan escaped her mouth and he wanted nothing more than to reach for her across the table and kiss her. Fully aroused, he sat trying to will away his erection all the while thinking how much he wanted to run his mouth up the length of her slender leg.

            “I take it you like?” he asked, his voice husky with desire.

            “Mmm hmm,” she murmured. “You’re hands are magic.”

            And then, almost as though she just remembered that he was the one rubbing her feet, she sat up, now wide-awake. From the heated glaze of her eyes, he knew she was just as turned on as he. A satisfied smile spread across his lips.

            “I seem to recall your saying that about a lot more of me than my hands.”

            She licked her lips and met his smoky gaze with her own. “What, are you fishing for compliments now? I didn’t realize you were so insecure.”

            “I’m not. I wanted to see if you still remembered.”

            “You should know you’re not very forgettable. Of course I remembered.”

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  1. Jenna Blue

     /  October 15, 2012

    Yum! Fun stuff, Maria. Brought a smile on a boring monday…

    And I love your “dedication” of this post. It IS a tough journey. But we are so lucky to have such a great network of fellow writers–the kind that’ll give you a shove from underneath when your hands start to slip off that ladder.


  2. It was a wonderful conference–truly one of our best!
    When you get discouraged, remember my motto (from the movie “Galaxy Quest”–Never give up. Never surrender.” remember those words during the tough times. You will succeed!

    • Hi Roni. The conference was definitely the best I’ve attended. Don’t forget to click the contest link to enter the contest. It brings you to the Rafflecopter site.

  3. Nice snippet! I love these characters.

    And so true about the journey. It is rough. We all have moments of self-doubt. Times when we feel we’ll never get there. But NJRW is full of such wonderful people who are so supportive of one another, and we can rely on one another to help get through it. I feel so fortunate to have found this chapter!

    • Hi Joanna. Glad you like Kate & Edward. I’m partial to them myself 🙂 I’ve learned SO much since joining NJRW and meeting so many wonderful women (and Joe) all working hard to get published. Hearing inspiring stories like Sabrina Jeffries helps me believe our success is only a matter of time.

  4. Lori

     /  October 15, 2012

    Feet massage huh? You probably just spiked the sales of manicures and nail polish. It was great seeing the five of you this weekend.
    Happy Anniversary and good luck in your writing careers.

    • Thanks, Lori. The funny thing is that my feet are ticklish, so I can never have my feet rubbed. Or maybe I just need an Edward to massage them. 🙂 You’re a faithful follower and we’re lucky to know you.

  5. R.A. DeFranco

     /  October 16, 2012

    I echo the thoughts on the journey. Though I am wounded I am not slain! 🙂 Getting knocked down is part of the process. I suppose it will make attaining our goals that much more rewarding. So thankful for NJRW!

    • Hi RoseAnn. You’re right…never slain. Be sure to click on the contest link to enter the contest. We’re trying something new. The link brings you to the Rafflecopter site to enter.

  6. R.A. DeFranco

     /  October 16, 2012

    P.S. Somehow I missed the goodie room! So bummed but entering the one year anniversary contest now! You ladies ROCK!

  7. Oh wow, Maria, that’s hot stuff! I just turned on my desk fan after reading your excerpt. Of course, I adore having my feet massaged so you definitely hit the right spot for me. There is something incredibly sexy about having a man take off a woman’s shoes and boots are even sexier. You really turned up the heat in this scene.

    The conference was fabulous! It was such fun to see you all there as the Violet Femmes. You guys are such a wonderful group of women and I wish you all the best of luck in this crazy publishing business.

    • Hi Nancy. I’m glad you liked my snippet. It was fun to write that scene. Edward & Kate have this explosive chemistry that I love. I had a wonderful time at the conference. It’s great being surrounded by so many supporting authors. Love the horseshoe keychain you gave away in the goody room. Cute idea. Thanks for always being supportive! Be sure to click on the contest link to get to the Rafflecopter page and be eligible for the giveaway.

  8. I really enjoyed meeting all of you ladies. You’re a fun bunch!

    • Hi Sabrina. So happy you stopped by. We had a great time getting to know you! Hope to see you at another conference. Maybe at RWA in Atlanta. We’re hoping to be able to go. Would love to see you again.

    • Sabrina, thanks so much for stopping by our blog! It was a blast meeting you last weekend. Have to laugh as I think about you “holding court” at the dinner table on Thursday night, long after everyone else had cleared the room. Oh…and the confusing elevator conversation! 🙂 That’s a story I’ll be telling for some time to come!

      I hope to see you in Atlanta!


  9. Hi Maria! Did the wonderful Sabrina Jeffries just comment on our blog!!! I had such a wonderful time with her. A generous, kind, and talented person.

    Like you said in your introduction, it was helpful hearing from such amazing authors like Sabrina, and their journey to publishing and beyond.

    Loved your snippet too! Feel like getting a pedicure with foot message now, from some hunky Brit. Michele

    • Hi Michele. Glad you like the snippet. I suggest the pedicure color “Unleash Your Passion” Pink. Not sure if that exists, but it should! Maybe for next year’s conference, we need to offer hunky men giving massages. Now that would be pretty interesting.

  10. Nice snippet, Maria! Edward is definitely focused on getting his way, and Kate sure doesn’t seem to be able to resist him. The sexual tension has a way of making these scenes really zing!

    Good job!


    • Hi Jaye. It was fun to write the scenes between Edward and Kate. She has such a firey personality and in combination with his inner bad boy, it makes for some serious sparks.

  11. hieubietusa

     /  October 21, 2012

    I have a thing for pretty feet…I just read “wanted to run his mouth up the length of her slender leg” 10x and reviewed the toenail paragraph 20…
    Ok…I’m hooked


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